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I'm Marlon Pina Tojal

iOS Developer @ Fixeads - Naspers Group

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Hello! I’m Marlon Pina Tojal. iOS Developer experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including Objective-C, Swift, Java, and C.

Work Experience

2016 - up to present

iOS Developer

FixeAds - Naspers Group

2015 - up to present



2013 - 2016

iOS Developer

Innovation Makers

2012 - 2013

iOS Developer

Winning Management Consulting @ TAP

2012 - 2012

CA GEN Developer

Winning Management Consulting @ TAP

2010 - 2012

CA GEN Developer


2010 - 2010

.Net Developer

GTBC @ CGD and Barclays

2007 - 2009


Blue Screen

2006 - 2006

Developer / Trainer

Projecto Animah


2011 - 2011

Guardien Administrator & Assist Developer


2009 - 2009




IT Engineer

Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa

2003 - 2006

IT Technician / Developer

Escola Profissional de Tecnologia Digital - Rumos


  • Marlon was a very dedicated worker, it has strong technical capabilities and he is constantly looking for new challenges and more knowledge. I would definitely be glad to work with him again.

    Miguel Matos Blue Screen, Developer
  • I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Marlon Tojal. Marlon cooperated at Blue Screen, Lda. for more than two and half years, having joined the company as a trainee, lacking knowledge and experience, but recommended as a having strong potential. During this period, his progress was evident, showing an extraordinary research and learning capabilities both by himself and whenever working with others. Marlon was responsible for the development of several projects, with resource to different technologies, fact that determined Marlon’s positioning as support to every team in our company. He had the opportunity to participate on national and international projects, having developed an excellent job. He welcomed new specifications and change requests, participated in discussions of new ideas and features, never without highlighting his view or opinion. He decided to follow his own steps, and leave our company. Blue Screen looses one of its important resources; but gained by having had Marlon as its collaborator. On behalf of Blue Screen’s entire team and all people who have had the opportunity to work with Marlon, I recommend his integration on other teams so he can also be a gain to those companies.

    Frederico Faria de Oliveira Blue Screen
  • I worked with Marlon in GTBC and is an outstanding person, professional and it has strong technical capabilities and knowledges: very creative, passionate about his work and it was able to execute and achieve great results. It was a pleasure work with Marlon.

    Sandra Mendes GTBC, Senior Project Manager
  • Marlon has proven to be a great team leader, hard-worker and a fast learner. He's a superior resource when it comes to programming and Project Management and a dedicated professional, results-driven and always helpfull. I highly recommend Marlon.

    Marisa Silva GTBC, PM
  • Although Marlon doesn't have a "small paper tube" stating that he has a degree, he is by far more dedicated and knowledgeable of technology and development than most of the engineers I know. He sure is an example and shows that it's not due to a diploma that one is a great developer. Reliable, hard working and team player are the attributes that best describe Marlon.

    Pedro Ferreira GTBC, PM
  • Excelent Coworker, Works well with colleagues ; Very reliable ;Extremly quick, learning new technologies.

    Mónica Tercio Silva Megasis, Team Leader Analist/ Programmer
  • Marlon is an excellent professional: good listener, strong leadership and communications skills, always available to help the others, to share their Development skills. He is also proactive and extremely responsible with their commitments. For all these reasons is a pleasure to work with him.

    Pedro Sequeira Winning Management Consulting, PM
  • Very cooperative in achieving goals for the benefit of the company.

    Carlos Teixeira Megasis , Analyst
  • Marlon is an excellent colleague to work with! He has sublime social and interpersonal skills. He´s a customer focused person who really understand management processes well to all levels. He is extremely professional and spot on. Because of his work ethic, attitude I highly recommend Marlon to work with and wish him his best both in a personal and professional level.

    Bárbara Amorim Winning Management Consulting, PM

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